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HIMS Steps

It’s your decision

The first step in getting help is recognizing there is a problem.  Confidentially discussing your situation with a knowledgeable person is a great way to get started.  This discussion will help you clearly define the issues and the available options.

There are several confidential resources available to assist you:

  • Use the Pilot Referral Info Section lower on this page to contact your company’s HIMS representative.
  • ALPA members can also access information through the website.  Log in and refer to your airline’s HIMS committee roster for contact information.  Or, log in, click on “Committees,” click on “HIMS” in the Pilot Assistance section, and click on the photo to send an email to HIMS.
  • Contact an expert aeromedical physician at Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (720) 857-6117, Monday-Friday 0830-1600 MT

Regardless of whom you contact, it’s important to actively seek help for yourself or someone you care about

Assessments and Treatment

There are a number of substance abuse assessment and treatment options available.  Generally, thorough multi-disciplinary assessments will give a better indication of the presence and progression of the disease.  Which type of assessment is satisfactory for your circumstances will depend on several factors, including FAA or company involvement and available financial support.  Your airline’s HIMS/Pilot Assistance Committee or Employee Assistance Program resource will have the most current and complete information to assist you.

There are also a variety of treatment options available.  Most companies have associations with particular treatment providers and using such providers can help limit insurance or financing problems.  In general, these providers will offer a 28-day residential treatment program per FAA requirements.  The FAA considers a minimum 28-day treatment program an essential qualification for the special issuance medical certificate.

Recovery and Monitoring

Following treatment each pilot will begin the process of FAA medical re-certification.  How long this process takes varies considerably depending on each pilot’s particular circumstances.  However, a description of a “normal” minimum timeline is available under the “FAA recertification” prompt on this website’s homepage.

If you have additional questions or require additional guidance, please contact HIMS via the link provided on this page.