Registration Priority Guidelines

This page provides notice and guidance to all those interested in attending the 2022 Advanced Topics (AT) Seminar in April. Due to the focused training on HIMS monitoring and strong interest in the HIMS Seminars, we have had to implement a priority system for registration.

Please note that in order to attend, you must have attended a HIMS Basic Education Seminar in the past and you must have received an invitation to attend.

Please read through the registration priorities below as they apply to all those seeking to attend this HIMS AT Seminar.

HIMS Registration Priority

Please review these guidelines before registering

Priority 1

Those who may register and are automatically approved to attend:

  • Volunteer pilots working in the HIMS Program as peer pilots and HIMS Chairs (both US and international)
  • Airline management groups (both US and International) that are involved in an Airline or Company HIMS Program
  • Medical professionals currently listed on the FAA HIMS AME/IMS List and the FAA HIMS PNP List
  • FAA personnel

Priority 2

Those who may register but will be automatically placed on the waitlist:

  • Airline EAPs
  • Nurses Associated with Airline HIMS programs and AME offices
  • Treatment facilities’ medical staff currently working with airline HIMS programs

Priority 2 attendees will only be approved to attend if there is space available after all Priority 1 invitees have registered.

Priority 3

Those who will not be able to register:

  • Doctorate level medical personnel not on the current HIMS AME or PNP list
  • Non-doctorate level mental health professionals
  • Administrative/office managers
  • Spouses/Guests and all others not directly involved in the HIMS Program

Due to limited attendance and demand, those individuals listed in the Priority 3 categories will not be able to attend the current event regardless of prior attendance at a HIMS Basic or AT Seminar.

The HIMS Staff will notify everyone on the waitlist in mid-March and those approved to attend will need to reserve a hotel room in the HIMS room block by March 24.

Additional Guidelines for All Attendees

Seminar Registration and Hotel:
  1. Those in priority 2 who book a hotel room prior to being approved to attend and that use the HIMS Group rate will be cancelled/refunded and the HIMS Staff will send you an email.
  2. The cost of the breakfast buffet for Monday and Tuesday is included in the discounted room rate of $189 and must be booked using the reservation link provided during registration. If you reserve a room outside of the HIMS Room Block, breakfast will be on your own.
Registration Cancellations/Refunds:
  1. Regardless of priority level, you cannot send someone to the seminar in your place. Everyone must be individually approved to attend.
  2. You can cancel your registration at any time by emailing
  3. You must indicate in your email if you want a refund as no refunds are processed without a request.
    a. Refund requests can be made up to 1 week prior to the seminar. If a refund is requested by Monday, 04/04/2022, a full refund will be processed.
    b. Refund requests made after 04/04/2022 cannot be processed. At that time, all funds have been committed to cover seminar costs.
    c. Exceptions to this policy for medical or personal emergencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  4. If you have a hotel room reservation, please allow the HIMS Staff to cancel your room so that it remains part of the HIMS room block for other participants to use at the discounted HIMS rate.

Registration opens on Friday, February 25, 2022

We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause but we believe they are necessary in order to meet our main priority to educate those who are directly and actively involved in monitoring pilots in the HIMS program. If attendance limits allow, we will provide space for those that have an interest in more active involvement in the HIMS program. Further information regarding the HIMS program and the HIMS Advanced Topics Seminar can be found at

HIMS Program

HIMS is specific to commercial pilots and coordinates the identification, treatment and return to the cockpit of impaired aviators.